WGTH-310N Nuclear Industry K3 Level Harsh Environment (Red Zone) Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

Nuclear power stations or nuclear power units use atomic nuclear fission reaction in nuclear reactor to produce thermal energy, heating water produces the superheated steam, which spins the turbine to make thermal energy convert into mechanical energy, and then the turbine spins the generator to make mechanical energy convert into electric energy.

In this process, the online monitoring of steam leakage at the welded joints of high-temperature and high-pressure steam pipes on the nuclear island is the important guarantee to ensure the safety of the operation of the nuclear power station, and the temperature and humidity sensor is the most direct and ideal monitoring program, which has significant advantages such as fast response, high precision, convenient installation and easy maintenance.

      WGTH-310N Nuclear Industry K3 Level Harsh Environment (Red Zone) Temperature and Humidity Transmitter is specially developed for the applications in this field, its probe up to 100m split cable can be installed in the red zone of harsh irradiation environment, and the transmitter can be installed in the yellow zone of irradiation environment. In addition, this product has passed the nuclear grade type tests including irradiation, seismic, environment tests, etc., which can meet the vast majority of nuclear power stations and temperature and humidity related monitoring needs.

Technical Features

Output signal: two ways 4 ~ 20mA, RS485, relay switching quantity

   Output parameter: temperature, relative humidity, dew point, frost point, wet bulb temperature, enthalpy value, partial pressure of water vapor, mixed ratio, absolute humidity, moisture in oil

Shell material: 316 stainless steel

Structural featurethe upper and lower shell use detachable hinge design

Type test: nuclear grade type test

Configuration software: CONG-01 visual upper computer configuration software

Self-checking function: probe heating self-checking

Probe pressure resistance: 20Bar, immersible

Probe structure: push-pull self-locking aviation plug

Irradiation dose: 

                  transmitter 0.35kGy cumulative gamma irradiation dose, yellow zone

                  probe and cable 42kGy cumulative γ irradiation dose, red zone

Probe cable: up to 100m in length

Measurement technology: small capacitance signal processing under the background of long cable and strong noise

Typical Applications

High temperature steam leakage monitoring in nuclear island area of nuclear power stations

Nuclear waste dew point parameter monitoring

High-temperature steam leakage monitoring of nuclear power units    

Temperature and humidity environmental monitoring of nuclear-powered ships

Technical Data

Input and output

Operating voltage

24V DC ±20% or 220V AC


Current output

4 ~ 20mA  RL < 500 Ohm

Power consumption

General mode: 70mA



Channel precision: ±0.2%FS


Self-check mode: 80mA


Data output

RS485 (Modbus RTU)

Switching quantity parameter

Contact resistance ≤ 100mΩ( 1A 6VDC)


Switching quantity output

Electric shock load: 5A 250VAC or 5A 30VDC

Mechanical durability: 1×10times



Maximum switching voltage: 30VDC/277VAC


Electrical durability: 1×10times (room temperature 1.5s on-off)



Maximum switching current8A

Measurement Parameter 

Relative humidity





Measurement range 



Measurement range 

−40 … 190°C

Measurement precision

±2.5%RH (0 … 90%RH & 20℃)


Measurement precision  

±0.2°C (20℃)

Calibration error

±0.5%RH (0 … 40%RH)


Calibration error



±0.8%RH (40 … 95%RH)




τ63 response time

30s (probe fitted with stainless steel sintered filter)


- -

- -

Humidity sensitive element

High molecular polymer humidity-sensitive capacitor


Temperature sensitive element

PT1000 (Grade 1/3B, DIN EN 60751)

Humidity measurement drift

1%RH/year (neutral clean environment)


Temperature measurement drift

0.05/year (neutral clean environment)

The above precisions are comprehensive precisions, including repeatability, linearity and hysteresis of the measurement, and can be traced to the CNAS standard.

Mechanical Specification

Wiring connection

The maximum cable diameter of the terminal is 1.5mm2


Cable connector

M16*1.5 or M20*1.5 gland connector

Shell material

316 stainless steel


Connector diameter

Φ4...8 or Φ6...12

Probe protection

Stainless steel sintering, stainless steel grille, stainless steel pore, etc.


Probe cable diameter

Φ(irradiation cable); Φ(high-temperature cable)

Protection grade




 Operating Environment

Operating temperature

Transmitter: -40 ... 80℃; Probe: -40 ... 190℃

Storage temperature

-20 ... 60℃

Type Test

Environment test



Reference test


High temperature test

GB/T 2423.2-2008


Visual inspection

RCC-E MC2000

Low temperature test

GB/T 2423.1-2008


Front-end equipment performance test

Response time, tolerance acceptance

Temperature change test

GB/T 2423.22-2012


Electrical test

RCC-E MC3000

Alternating heat and humidity test

GB/T 2423.4-2008


Electromagnetic compatibility test


Mechanical vibration test

GB/T 2423.10-2008



IEC 61000 (GB/T 17626)

Long run test

EJ/T 1197-2007



IEC 62003

Seismic test

HAF-J0053 / GB13625




Irradiation test

Transmitter: 0.35kGy cumulative γ irradiation dose, yellow zone




Probe cable: 42kGy cumulative γ irradiation dose, red zone



Data download:

WGTH-310N Nuclear Industry K3 Level Harsh Environment (Red Zone) Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Product Manual

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