In agricultural or harsh industrial environments, there are often high humidity condensation or pollutants, which puts forward high requirements for the measurement environment of carbon dioxide. CC260 Harsh Environment CO2 transmitter's housing is made of industrial grade flame-retardant polycarbonate, ensuring its reliability and durability in harsh environments. The measuring window of the housing is equipped with a special waterproof and anti-fouling breathable filter membrane to meet the IP65 protection grade, and with the help of a micro-fan inside the circuit, the measuring gas can be quickly circulated in the sensor measuring chamber to achieve the ideal response time and measurement accuracy. In addition, CC260 internal circuit has a self-heating function to ensure that the measurement environment does not condense, protect the sensor chamber, and extend its service life.

    The sensor adopts the working principle of single light source and dual optical path infrared absorption measurement. One path is to measure the light and the other is to compensate the light. With the temperature compensation function, the measurement optical path can be automatically and periodically compensated and calibrated to ensure long-term stability and low drift of measurement. CC260 has a minimum measurement range of 0~2000ppm and a maximum measurement range of 0~5%. In addition, through the configuration port of the main circuit, it is very convenient to set the range of the transmitter and calibrate the probe, etc.

CC260 Harsh Environment CO2 Transmitter
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